"What's something that doesn't change?" asked my curious mind. "That's easy, Parle-G ;) ", I replied "Haha, not funny! Think about it" it said in a serious tone »

Yet Another Cycle Ride

A break in the busy work schedule triggered the thoughts of an outing. Having recently got the Target Firefox bicycle from Narayan, I was waiting for »

In The Lap Of Mother Nature

(something I wrote during childhood) Sleeping in her lap All the pleasures we find Never fulfilled was the gap Between happiness and mankind The Sun, the »

The Horcrux Framework

The Harry Potter universe is a totally different experience in itself. The journey of a courageous and innonencent young boy and his triumph over the most »

My Moon

The sky looked dark today Surrounded by a weird tension The Moon shined brightly at the centre As always, drawing the attention While the stars drifted »